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Change% ChangeDate
A & C United Agriculture Developing Inc (ACUG)0.15-0.125-45.4545%08/07/2017 12:06pm
A Clean Slate, Inc. (DRWN)0.00010.000.00%08/18/2017 02:02pm
A I S Resources Ltd (AISSF)0.16+0.0052+3.3592%08/15/2017 09:38am
A V Homes, Inc. (AVHI)15.00-0.10-0.6623%08/18/2017 04:00pm
A&W Revenue Royalties Incm (AWRRF)26.195+0.015+0.0573%08/17/2017 09:30am
A-1 Group, Inc. (AWON)0.032-0.0024-6.8895%08/16/2017 10:48am
A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. (AMRK)17.04-0.26-1.5029%08/18/2017 04:00pm
A.C. Simmonds and Sons Inc. (ACSX) 04:00pm
A.H. Belo Corporation (AHC)4.90+0.10+2.0833%08/18/2017 04:02pm
A.M. Castle & Co. (CASLQ)0.12+0.005+4.3478%08/18/2017 03:10pm
A.O. Smith Corp. (AOS)53.93-0.09-0.1666%08/18/2017 04:02pm
A10 Networks, Inc. (ATEN)6.13-0.19-3.0063%08/18/2017 04:02pm
AA PLC (AATDF)2.48-0.23-8.4871%08/11/2017 10:14am
AAA Century Group USA, Inc. (AAAG)0.42+0.31+281.8182%05/13/2016 03:55pm
AAC Holdings, Inc. (AAC)9.05+0.27+3.0752%08/18/2017 04:02pm
Aalberts Industries NV (AALBF)34.12+1.82+5.6347%01/24/2017 03:59pm
Aamaxan Transport Group, Inc. (AAXT)0.22-0.21-48.8372%05/02/2017 03:32pm
AAON Inc (AAON)31.650.000.00%08/18/2017 04:00pm
AAR Corp. (AIR)35.23+0.05+0.1421%08/18/2017 04:02pm
Aaron's Inc. (AAN)43.53+0.10+0.2303%08/18/2017 04:02pm
AB International Group Corp. (ABQQ)6.00-14.00-70.00%07/17/2017 04:34pm
AB&T Financial Corp (ABTO)0.85-0.05-5.5556%07/28/2017 02:51pm
Abakan, Inc. (ABKI)0.0025+0.0004+19.0476%08/18/2017 02:51pm
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (ATTBF)0.102+0.007+7.3684%08/18/2017 03:59pm
Abaxis Inc (ABAX)46.53-1.21-2.5346%08/18/2017 04:00pm
Abbott Laboratories (ABT)48.74-0.55-1.1158%08/18/2017 04:00pm
AbbVie Inc. (ABBV)69.96+0.11+0.1575%08/18/2017 04:00pm
Abby Inc (ABBY)0.0034+0.0001+3.0303%08/18/2017 12:32pm
ABC Records Management and Data Storage Inc (ABCR)--0.000.00%--
ABcann Global Corp. (ABCCF)0.729+0.0184+2.5894%08/18/2017 03:58pm
ABCO Energy, Inc. (ABCE)0.0050.000.00%08/18/2017 09:58am
Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (ABEO)7.80-0.35-4.2945%08/18/2017 04:00pm
Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF)9.66+0.17+1.7914%08/18/2017 04:07pm
Aberdeen Asset Management PLC (ABDNF)4.35+0.32+7.9404%08/02/2017 09:31am
Abilene Oil and Gas Ltd (WOIIF)0.0001-0.0009-90.00%08/09/2017 12:35pm
Ability Inc (ABIL)0.675+0.0169+2.568%08/18/2017 03:53pm
Abiomed Inc (ABMD)152.14-1.56-1.015%08/18/2017 04:00pm
Abivax SA (AAVXF)12.20+0.20+1.6667%08/17/2017 03:29pm
Ablaze Technologies Inc (ABZT)0.00-0.0001-90.00%12/21/2016 01:53pm
Able Energy Inc (ABLE)0.00110.000.00%08/18/2017 12:58pm
Ablynx NV (ABLYF)13.85+0.20+1.4652%08/18/2017 12:24pm
ABM Industries (ABM)42.94-0.24-0.5558%08/18/2017 04:00pm
ABN AMRO Group NV DR (ABMRF)25.35-0.529-2.0441%06/06/2017 02:01pm
AbraPlata Resource Corp (ABBRF)0.3063-0.0617-16.7663%08/18/2017 03:57pm
Abraxas Petroleum Corp (AXAS)1.70+0.03+1.7964%08/18/2017 04:00pm
Absolute Health and Fitness, Inc. (AHFI)0.0001-0.0009-90.00%08/10/2017 12:36pm
Abtech Holdings Inc. (ABHD)0.0160.000.00%08/18/2017 02:06pm
ABV Consulting, Inc. (ABVN)2.00+0.21+11.7318%08/18/2017 12:41pm
AC Immune SA (ACIU)7.68+0.32+4.3478%08/18/2017 03:58pm
Acacia Communications Inc. (ACIA)43.80-0.11-0.2505%08/18/2017 04:00pm